Buying a home is a huge step.  There’s a lot to learn along the way.  To help you be prepared and excited about your new home, take some time to look over the information provided here. You’ll find tips, tools, and information on whatever you might be wondering, wherever you are in the process.  I am always a phone call or text away to answer any of your questions.
Before you get too far into the process, it’s a great idea to know what’s involved.  This will give you an idea of what to expect from now until close.  Let’s walk through the 14 steps of buying a home by clicking here.

Now you’ve been hearing a lot of new terms lately and have been scratching your head.  A bit confused on what some of this stuff means?  Let’s brush up on some of the real estate jargon by clicking here. 


You think you’re ready to buy.  You’ve been looking at homes online.  You have a good idea of what you want.  But, can you afford it?  Just because you think you can, now it’s time to talk to a few lenders to see what options they offer and how much they will lend you.  Often, what you think you can afford and what the lender will loan, are two different numbers.  Let’s talk this out.

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